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Why Should You Consider An Ice Vending Machine as an Investment

ice vending machines
The advantages of having an ice vending machine are innumerable. If you are thinking about investing your money, start by examining the many opportunities that owning an ice vending machine will present to you. First and foremost, ice vending machines are practical and reliable. If you are going to invest your money into a product such as an ice vending machine, it’s important that you make sure the product functions properly. The Ice Cubes ice vending machines are state of the art, and include monitoring technology that will ensure that you aren’t wasting time finagling with broken technology or out of date products.

With The Ice Cubes ice vending machines, you can access your machine remotely and monitor its activity without ever having to go to the physical site. The benefits of being able to monitor an investment remotely are invaluable. Like a car wash, an ice vending machine is the type of investment that you can sit on and watch profit for you without ever needing to get your hands dirty. If this sounds like the perfect investment to you, it’s because it is.

Ice vending machines are perfect for a number of different locations. If your town only sells ice in the local market or supermarket chain, an ice vending machine may be the perfect opportunity for you to break the monopoly and create competition. Giving consumers the power to choose will work out for you in the long run. On top of offering consumers more options, an ice vending machine offers health conscious customers an opportunity to ensure that their water is pure and clean. A lot of people are reluctant to buy anything that they are not 100% sure comes from natural sources. The ice cubes offers you the opportunity to own an ice vending machine that only dispenses ice that is made from purified water. Being able to advertise that your water is 100% pure and natural is a huge selling point for most consumers nowadays.

On top of offering you an around the clock monitoring service that allows you to control your investment remotely, The Ice Cube is also happy to help guide you when it comes to choosing your location. We have a variety of resources in order to help you, such as a checklist of all the things you will need to do in order to be prepared once you have decided to invest in an ice vending machine. We will make ourselves available to you as a resource to make sure that your investment is protected and that you make the most of your ice vending machine. Owning an ice vending machine is an exciting venture that is easy to maintain and will make you a lot of money in now and into the future!


We’ve Made the News

Early last week we were very delighted to see a press release go out featuring us as the example.  We are very proud to own a business that is trending all over America.  We wanted to thank all of our supporters for believing in our vision and standing behind us during the down slope of our economy.

Clarkesville, GA — (SBWIRE) — 01/14/2013 — There is no question that business owners that operate conventional stores or geographically specific businesses are finding it harder and harder to compete with online venues. “I was really scrambling and frustrated because I could not find a loss leader item to entice people to my store”, said Amos Jackson. “When I heard about ice vending machines, I soon realized it just might work for my business.”

Even though Jackson owns a shoe store, having an ice vending machine out front drew dozens of customers for ice. They in turn, soon became curious about other items he had for sale. “It was so hard for me to believe that it only cost me .35 cents to produce these bags of ice that were selling for $2.00 each. Not only did my “loss leader” turn into a winner, it boosted the rest of my business as well”.

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize how easily they can turn ice into hot profits by purchasing self contained ice vending machines. For example, The Ice Cube offers ice machines plus bottled water systems that will fit in front of just about any type of store or building. Aside from providing the equipment, the company offers financing to qualified applicants as well as plenty of good information about where to set these machines up in order to get the most out of them.

Most people do not even realize that their store or even a well located piece of private property can be used to generate enormous profits with an ice vending machine. Depending on the location, one single machine can generate well over 60,000 a year in profits with little, if any effort involved. As long as there are other ice vendors in a given local area, rest assured that the demand for ice is high enough to warrant the addition of one more vendor. In fact, new ice vending machine owners in a strategically placed location can look forward to exponentially larger profits when compared to established businesses.

“In truth, my pet store was within just a few months of failing, even though the store is on a corner of two busy highways,” says Kimberly Reese. “One night I was searching for something else online, and found this site about ice vending machines. It was the best thing I ever did for my business. I’m even considering buying two more machines and converting part of the store for bottled water sales. It’s really amazing how much people will spend on ice and bottled water for the sake of convenience. I was sitting on a gold mine here, and did not even realize it.”

About IPT Innovative Packaging Technologies Inc
IPT Innovative Packaging Technologies Inc is one of the leading companies in providing ice vending machines. Through their online platform, http://the-ice-cube.com/, information regarding the vending machine, gallery of installed machines, a ROI calculator for estimating profits and guides on how to start setting up the ice vending machine business can be viewed. The company also has a dedicated blog which outlines the earning opportunities through ice vending machines. The company is known for its innovative business opportunity which can provide high returns.

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