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Cool Down The Economy With Ice Vending Machines

Profiting Off Ice Making

Online venues have quickly become the biggest enemy of conventional store owners within the past few years. Amos Jackson, who owns a convenience store in Clarksville, Georgia, came across ice vending machines, he had an idea that they could help his business. After just a few months, he realized that the payoff was worth his purchase due to an increase in sales.

ice vending machinesWorking in a geographically specific business, Jackson never realized the difference in price when it came to ice. People would come into his store and pay $2.00 for a bag that was only costing him .35. Many stores, just like the one owned by Jackson, have an opportunity to generate serious profit off these pieces of equipment. Depending on the location, these machines can increase profit by severely large margins each year.

Feng Shui Of Ice Machine

According to one of the leaders in vending sales, many offer information about where to place the machines to get the most use out of them. Store owners need to realize that your gain is also their gain, therefore there is essentially a simple partnership. Store owner, Kimberly Reese, stated that once she purchased her ice vending machine, she suddenly realized that she was sitting on top of a gold mine and she did not even know it. The demand for ice is so high that many areas can typically afford the placement of one more vendor.

Businesses undoubtedly thrive on making money; otherwise there would be no point. However, even with the fact one would need to purchase the ice sold, the payoff is well worth the investment. It is one more way to make money without having to pay much of it in return.

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The Ice Cube


Exploring the Convenience of an Ice Vending Machine

Ice Vending Machine
When most people think of ice vending machines, their minds don’t jump to creativity and innovation. Ice vending machines have, however, become an innovative and creative investment as technology advancements have enabled investors to control their machines in ways like never before.


The Ice Cube’s ice vending machines are unparalleled by any other. In an age where consumers want only the purest water, Ice Cube offers the ability for people to get quality ice on the go without having to boil their water and then freeze it. Our state-of-the-art machines allow the investor to monitor the machines without being on-site. We offer phone and webcam monitoring so you can check the conditions of your machine anytime, anywhere.


You con monitor the status of your device via your smartphone, and a top of the line industrial grade computer controls every aspect of its inner workings. Our machines produce both ice and water, and ice can be produced in bulk. After choosing the right location, all you’re required to do is sit back and watch the profits roll in.


Offering consumers the choice of having fresh ice while they are on the road or on their way home is a convenience that can’t go overlooked. The demand for fresh ice is high in nearly every part of the country, and depending on where you live you could be tapping into an untouched market. Fresh ice that hasn’t been shipped, previously bagged, or tampered with is safe, natural and appealing.


Most consumers have to drive to the local market in search of an ice machine. Proper placement of an ice vending machine could mean the financial security of your future and more.