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Process of getting started


1.     Site selectionRemember for success Location-Location-Location

A.       Look for a busy non-divided hwy


B.       Corner lots of 2 hwys is always best


C.       Look for convenience stores in the same area and how many ice merchandisers they have in front of their store. Stores with more than 4-5 ice merchandisers in front is a dead give away of large ice sales. Look at stores within a 3 mile radius of prospective site. Multiply number of stores by number of merchandisers, then multiply that number by 150 (usual capacity of an ice merchandiser) this should give you a close estimate of number of bags sold weekly in that area.


D.      Where is the traffic going on the side of the road you are selecting (work,home,lake,etc)-home bound lane is best usually.


E.      Look for existing water lines and power poles. Look at the way you would position the machine on the lot and remember that it is easier to have the power pole on the door side of the machine. This isn’t required but just easier.


F.       Driveways should be wide and easy access to the front of the machine. The best is to have 2 drives and being able to circle the machine. Customers with RV’s or boats benefit when they can circle the machine.


G.       Now that you have a site in mind you will need to speak with the land owner. We recommend offering the owner the annual amount for lease as so this will get their attention. Example if you offer $300.00 per month it may not sound as appealing as $ 3600.00 per year.


H.       We wouldn’t recommend going over $500.00 per month but that depends on the site. One of our best producing machines is paying $1,000.00 per month.


I.       If the owner agrees to the terms verbally then ask them for a plat of the property because your next move will be to get your permits. You will need to draw the machine to scale on the property to present to the City or County Dept. that you will be dealing with. The owner can probably tell you this.


J.    You will need to have your down payment paid on the machine at this point in order to obtain drawings and specs of the machine you will be installing. These drawings will also be required most times to obtain the permit. Copies of engineered drawings of either machine are free unless they have to have a specific name on them and signed by engineer.


K.    In some cities you will also need to have a licensed contractor to pull the permits for you. This is just a legal issue and shouldn’t be a problem.


L.    Once you have your permits pulled you are ready for the machine.


2.     Site Preparation- Be ready ahead of time

A.       Water Connection- If water is available you will need to only receive a quote from a plumber to run line from the water source to the machine. Water line will run up the rear of the machine to the ice maker. We recommend that you run a line for a faucet as well. If water isn’t available and you need to tap into city water then a water meter will need to be purchased from the city. Contact the local water utilities and give them your permit #. This sometimes takes up to 3 weeks for installation so you will need to order this as soon as you have your permits. Once the water meter is installed the plumber will run the line from the meter to the rear of the machine. A ¾ inch water line is needed.


B.       Phone service- To receive phone service you will need to contact the service provider for your machine address. You need to pay your deposit at this point and have a number set-up for your business. Keep this number handy because you will then contact us with your number and we will help you get your machine monitoring service set-up. Phone service will be connected to the modem inside the ice machine. Phone service normally takes a couple of days to get connected once the machine is delivered.


C.       DSL service- If you choose to add DSL this is a feature that allows instant connection with your machine for monitoring purposes and giving you live video streaming. The internet provider in your area will need to be contacted and a high-speed modem will need to be purchased. You will then need to contact us for further instruction once this service is connected.


D.       Electrical service- You will need to contact an electrician for a quote to install electrical service. It is highly recommended to have a telephone pole installed with a meter base and disconnect, energized at the site before delivery. This way when your machine is delivered there won’t be any issue of waiting for the electrical company to energize your circuit. It is up to you to choose any outdoor lighting that you may want around your machine. The machine comes with a light under the awning that turns on and off at dusk. Remember that the electric provider also will install an area light for around 25.00 per month. Once the machine is delivered you can schedule the electrician to complete his work. You will need to have the work that has been completed inspected at this point. Once you have passed inspection you will be ready for power and water. Call us with any help you may need to coordinate the utilities with the machine delivery machine delivery.


E.       Accessories- Options- Our machines come with an awning, standard graphics, skirting, and tie-downs included in the sales price. An option sheet is available at any time for you to look at and notify us of any options desired.


F.       Machine Delivery- you will need to provide a crane to offload the machine and place the icemaker on top of your machine on day of delivery. It will be your responsibility to have the crane there on site at the time the machine arrives. Remember that these trucks usually charge a minimum of 3 hours so the arrival of the crane will need to be coordinated with us so there is no wasted time. We will get the machine anchored and tied down. Once this is complete you will need to have your utility connections made.


G.       Start-up- Once you have your utilities and passed inspection you will be ready for start-up. At this point contact us to get your machine started. Now you are making ice and money.



Example of internet monitoring system

(click here for information for IPT ice machine owners)

Modem Number :
Recent Modem Numbers :
images per camera

Get history data for last
Advanced User Interface

V address (octal)

value (decimal)


Waiting for your turn to use the modem...
Calling ice machine now...
Thu Feb 25 17:16:48 EST 2010
Serial connection established.
Using interface ppp7
Connect: ppp7 <--> /dev/modem
CHAP authentication succeeded: Access granted
local  IP address
remote IP address
chat:  Feb 25 17:17:26 CONNECT 26400/ARQ
hovercraft version 7.3 running .
remote version [7.3] ................................................
hovercraft protocol success (136.171 seconds)

IPT Ice Machine Serial Number : 0000000000000000

Machine Name :


Phone menu PIN :

Alert Phone List :

Do not call after :

Do not call before :





reset bag count


reset cooler count


silence alarm

reset faults

bin current level


bin high level


bin low level



see weekly schedule for bin levels below…

bag price


cooler price


bag weight


cooler weight


duration of defrost


time between defrosts


stop ice maker


out of service

out of service:
in service:

cycle 1 bag

cycle 1 cooler

run beater bar

(type confirm)

manual defrost

reserved (C212)



no alarms.

Vault Open entry




01 0627 0933 607
02 0625 2214 156
03 0625 0744 1053
04 0619 2001 6
05 0619 1022 0
06 0619 1022 3
07 0619 1021 3
08 0619 0948 0
09 0619 0948 45
10 0619 0730 3






01 0000 0000 0
02 0000 0000 0
03 0000 0000 0
04 0255 0000 0
05 0000 0000 0





fault 0

fault 1

fault 2

fault 3

1 0627 0753 0000 0000 0255 0255
2 0627 0716 0000 0000 0000 0255
3 0627 0714 0000 0000 0000 0255


weekly schedule values are applied at midnight A value of -1 means no change.

Weekly Schedule









bin low level

bin high level







Server Log Data

PLC Register Info

Disk Full





 16:17:53 up 25 days, 23:31,  1 user,  load average: 0.80, 0.68, 0.61
Terminating on signal 15.
Connect time 3.0 minutes.
Sent 20524 bytes, received 278478 bytes.
Connection terminated.
Serial link disconnected.
hovercraft is done.