How much ice can I make?

The full sized ICE CUBE with a standard ice maker, will produce 6500 pounds of ice in 24 hours. With our large storage bin, we can give you the capabilities of selling 6500 pounds of ice in 12 hours of daylight sales, EVERYDAY!

You can upgrade to the 10,000 pound ice maker and have the capacity of selling over 9,000 pounds of ice in 12 hours of sales.The full size machine also has the capability of running two ice makers at a time.The MINI CUBE equipped with a standard 6500 pound ice maker can produce 4500 pounds of ice to sell in 12 hours of daylight sales, EVERYDAY! Or upgrade to a 10,000 pound ice maker and have the capacity of selling 6500 pounds of ice in 12 hours.

How big are the units?

The ICE CUBE footprint is 88″W x 276″L x 98″H

The MINI CUBE footprint is 78″W x 144″L x 98″H

Are the awning and skirting included?

Yes, our purchase price includes an awning over the vending area, skirting around the base of the machine and standard ICE CUBE graphics. (If the permit department requires a blind hiding the equipment on top, or special aesthetics, this will be an additional charge.)

I want to offer filtered water too. Is that an option with The Ice Cube?

Yes! We can include a dispenser capable of providing up to 1600 gallons of filtered water per day.

I live in an area prone to hurricanes and flooding. Are your units portable?

Yes! The Mini Cube was specifically designed with this concern in mind. See article below:

THE MINI CUBE makes it to Tybee Island, GA

With the island being susceptible to hurricanes and coastal flooding no permanent structures are allowed below the eleven foot flood level. To overcome this restriction, Innovative Packaging Technologies and their team of engineers designed a portable ice vending machine that allows it to be disconnected and removed from harms way within ninety minutes. While THE MINI CUBE is a much smaller machine, it still has the capacity to produce over 6500 pounds of ice in 24 hours, that’s 400 sixteen pound bags it can vend in 12 hours. THE MINI CUBE and THE ICE CUBE are both licensed under Ice House Americas US Patent No. 6,932,124, US Patent No. 7,104,291, and US Patent No. 7,426,945.

Does the purchase price include delivery?

Pricing is based on your taking delivery at our factory. Delivery and startup is available anywhere in the continental U.S. for an additional $5,000.00.

Most of my sales take place within a few hours during the day. How much ice can The Ice Cube store?

The ICE CUBE has a food grade stainless steel storage bin, capable of holding 3500 pounds of ice, as soon as 100 pounds of ice has been dispensed, the ice maker turns on to replenish the dispensed ice. The MINI CUBE is capable of storing 1500 pounds.

Is the ice clean?

Every surface within The Ice Cube that has contact with ice is either food grade stainless steel or food grade HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic. The Ice Cube is unique in the ice vending business. Bags are heat sealed prior to being dispensed, assuring clean, fresh ice never touched by human hands.

What about rotation of product?

Our main feed auger fills the scale and two breaker bars keep the ice moving in the bin. It’s a first in, first out concept keeping the customer supplied with fresh ice.

Water quality in my area isn’t the best. How will The Ice Cube work for me?

Yes! We can include a reverse osmosis filtration system that will handle up to 1,600 gallons per day.

How do I know if there is a problem?

You can check on your Ice Cube from anywhere you can access the Internet. When you access your system, the internal cameras (included) each take a snapshot and provide you with a picture of current conditions. You can see the ice level and bagger, as well as receiving updated sales data and spreadsheets galore. You can call the machine to verify that it is up and running. You can remotely cycle a bag or cooler or reset faults. The Ice Cube will even call you in the event that something goes wrong and your attention is needed. Scroll down to see sample reports:

How often do I have to lubricate the chains and sprockets?

Never. Our drive motors are directly connected to the drive shafts, completely eliminating maintenance of chains and sprockets.

What about service? Is there a warranty?

All mechanical systems will eventually have something go wrong. The Ice Cube, however, has been designed to be the least trouble and the easiest to work on. Most importantly, customer support will be there when you need it. Typically, repairs will not require a technician, except for the air conditioning and ice maker, which require a knowledgeable, licensed air conditioning professional.

The Ice Cube and the Mini Cube are warranted for 1 year free from defects in materials and workmanship, parts and labor, 2 years on PLC and many other electrical components. We will honor the components manufacturer’s warranty as well.